We welcome all believers from across the world who love God and have the passion to pray. Please fill this form and read about us here on the website. Please ensure that you submit only your WhatsApp phone number.

Please note the following before filling the form:
1. Quiet Time is compulsory and must be personally observed at least 30 minutes before prayer. – 3:00 -3:45 am

2. You will join a welcome team with a leader in charge for at least two weeks to a month. Here we will observe how you are able to fit into the group.

3. After two weeks or a month you will be taken off the welcome team into any of our nine teams which will be changed every month. This gives you the opportunity to be in every team.

4. Please note that these team members lead the group each day (Monday to Friday), by coming up with prayer points based on the schedule for the month – Prayer Schedule

5. We pray by typing, hence you need to be online for an hour (3:45 – 4:45 am) GMT…. whiles prayers are ongoing.

Once you can make time to join our intercessory group, please go ahead and fill these forms, otherwise we prefer you join our Social media pages and be active there as well. Its all about Jesus.


One of our Leaders will get in touch with you to add you to the WhatsApp Group.

God Bless you.

Prayer Group Global Network