Meeting Days: Monday to Fridays
Quiet Time: 3:00am to 3:45am
Venue: Online WhatsApp
Prayer/Intercession: 3:45 am to 4:45 am Ghana Time (GMT)

History of the WhatsApp Group

On 6th February 2014 a few people, about 5 started the prayer group on WhatsApp. This is in line with God’s call on intercession for mankind. God can only use man if you will avail to intercede for humanity.

Intercessory ministry is very close to God’s heart and we have set ourselves apart to sacrifice our pillows to intercede from Monday to Friday 3:45 am to 4:45 am Ghana time.

Prayer Group is a team of believers from all over the world. Please Feel free to click on our Facebook Page and join us.

We love God and have the burden to intercede. People join us from our Facebook page and through referrals from members of the WhatsApp group; We meet on WhatsApp from Monday to Friday from 3:45 am to 4:45 am GMT. We also have physical meetings once or twice a year.

We wake up by 3:00 am GMT to spend time with God alone in our closets. This period of QUIET TIME is compulsory for everyone every member of Prayer Group. As God’s Generals and Soldiers, we need to equip ourselves before intercession.  We also need to grow up in our spiritual lives hence QUIET TIME is compulsory. It bridges the space between you and God and also helps you to have an intimate relationship with the Lord.

We have ten (10) different teams you can be scheduled to belong to every month or two.  The teams are: Team Abraham; Team Anna; Team Daniel; Team Deborah; Team Elijah; Team Esther; Team Ezekiel; Team Ezra; Team Moses. The Teams are named according to praying people in the Bible. Please look through the menu and read the write-up for these men and women of God.

Because we are virtual and all over the world, we shuffle the members among the teams every month so we get to know each other.

Prayer Group Global Network