My prayer life have really improved, beside my quiet time the least time I have am researching and studying the word. Before I joined I had a problem at my back and spine due to a miscarriage I had so I ended up wearing Lumbar support everyday,I asked the Doctor how Long am going to wear the support all he said may be 3 months, 6 months or years.

One day has I was laying down during the recovery all I heard was a voice laughing and saying you trusted and believed him but look at where you are just curse him and be free and the another voice called me by name and instructed me to read the book of Jobs and that all is well. After reading it was when I had a call to join the prayer group,I thank God for that intervention. I took the some of the intercession prayer points personal and those periods at the hospital I was being transferred from department to departments.On dawn I woked up laid down all the departments folders,the Lumbar support and my Bible and sat on the floor. I started praying than ever and I felt the presence of Holy Spirit and I knew am touched by the power and divine healing,to God be the glory since then no more wearing the support I can sit and stand without any pain. I know that situations and challenges can turn to be a blessing to us therefore brethren be still and know that God is God. God bless.

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